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18607 Ventura Blvd, Suite 310
Tarzana, CA 91356

Using the latest techniques in brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, and psycho-acoustics, PsimatiX offers lush, entrancing soundscapes to bring you into the ideal state for your hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, and spiritual pursuits. Created by composer, behavioral scientist, and entrainment specialist Leigh Spusta.

Personal Astro SoundScape

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Our MP3 downloads are sure to offer you a wonderfully relaxing and mind-expanding experience, please enjoy. The top listings are packages, then musical soundscapes, and further below are the hypnosis and imagery titles.

Personal Astro SoundScape

Astro SoundScape.jpg
Astro SoundScape.jpg

Personal Astro SoundScape

89.00 120.00

After years of study and contemplation, we have developed our method for creating a relaxing, meditative soundtrack using your birth-date. By converting the most pivotal astrological information from your birth chart into entrainment sounds and music, we can now offer you your very own personalized soundscape!

This meditative musical landscape will be unique to you, and by listening to it, not only will you find deep relaxation and mind expansion, but harmonic alignment and balancing that is most suited to you. The sonic expression of your personal astrological signature is rendered in such a manner as to support you to be who you are with confidence, inner peace, and balance. Use your powerful soundscape to release stress and blocks, to contemplate and realize greater wisdom, to raise your vibration to resonate with the highest potential you were born to aspire to. Your one-of-a-kind music will serve as a potent tool towards realizing your goals, restoring balance and harmony, and being your authentic self. This is also an excellent gift for friends and family, surprise them with their own astrological soundtrack!

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Your 20 minute soundscape will be crafted using the PsimatiX™ methods to ensure the greatest potential and effectiveness. Please allow approximately 3 - 7 days to produce and deliver your music.

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