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18607 Ventura Blvd, Suite 310
Tarzana, CA 91356

Using the latest techniques in brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, and psycho-acoustics, PsimatiX offers lush, entrancing soundscapes to bring you into the ideal state for your hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, and spiritual pursuits. Created by composer, behavioral scientist, and entrainment specialist Leigh Spusta.

Fun Presentation at the PLRI Fall Retreat!


News and updates about PsimatiX, therapeutic sound and music, hypnosis, altered states of consciousness, and more...


Fun Presentation at the PLRI Fall Retreat!

Leigh Spusta

 Last weekend I delivered a lecture and live musical experience in Santa Barbara at the Past Life Research Institute's Fall Retreat, it was a lot of fun! The attendees were all very kind and interested, a great audience! The producers of the event, Heather and Mark Rivera, were wonderful hosts and I am looking forward to presenting next year. We covered topics such as the ancient uses of sound, Pythagoras and the harmonics of the Universe, how sound contains form, and brainwave entrainment (info on these topics and more are now available under the "How PsimatiX Works" tab) The event was filmed, so we plan to make some footage available for everyone to check out.

 On a final note, we have released our latest hypnotic entrainment recording - "Mysteries of the Frontier - Entrancing Flavors of East and West for Your Inner Journey". Track 1 has an Indian / Tibetan flavor, and track 2 brings you into the Old West, both are very hypnotic and relaxing...

Have a great weekend!

Leigh Spusta - Creator of